About H2O Works

H2O Works aims to increase your revenue by providing your organization a fluid platform that arms you with intelligent efficiency.

Latest Offerings

We are excited to announce our latest offering for the Fertilizer industry that enables faster subsidy release to our customers. We are enabling the feet on street in the fertilizer industry with real-time, actionable data points by extracting it from the government portals via a Robotic Process Automation program.

Key data points like pending Sale Acknowledgements with Distributors and Retailers define the income from subsidies given by the government to the fertilizer companies. This action for acknowledgement being time sensitive, it is imperative to empower the feet on street with real-time data for quick action resulting in enhanced cash flows and prevention of revenue loss.

We are providing such data points via SMS as well as our H2O Works platform to the feet on street.

For more information on our RPA capabilities especially on government portals, do reach out to us on info[at]neebal.com

Admin Panel

The Admin panel helps you set up and configure your organization within a short span of time. It also helps in measuring sales performance and tracking the sales agents on the map.